Banned In Boston Review: By David Kruh

For those of us too young to have sampled the many temptations of Scollay Square, Lillian provides a first-person account of a unique era in Boston - and American - history. But Lillian's book is not just the simple reporting of facts. As she writes about her coming of age just after World War Two, Lillian not only takes us into the heart and soul of a young girl, but back to an uncertain time in America, when old mores about sex, love, and family were just beginning to break down, when inner cities like Boston were crumbling from disrepair, and fears of nuclear annihilation were beginning to seep into the national consciousness.

Those bigger issues played themselves out in Lillian's search for herself. In many ways, her questions were typical of any teenager. What is my place in the world? Will I find personal happiness? But the questions in Lillian's life also included those that were unique to a child born into Burlesque: Do I have what it takes to be a star in this business? What would be the future of Burlesque in this era of television, bikinis, and Elvis Presley? How could a young girl maintain her innocence and dignity in a world populated by voracious and unscrupulous predators?

For those of us who are too young to have sampled the temptations of Scollay Square, Lillian's prose takes us back to that fabled place. One can almost smell the hot dogs at Joe and Nemos, or hear the murmur of the crowd at the Old Howard before the curtain goes up on a strip-tease act. And if you are old enough to have experienced Scollay Square, then revel in Lillian's memories, for they will surely awaken yours. Lillian Kiernan Brown (a.k.a. Lillian Rose) has given us a wonderful book that is a must read for anyone who wants to understand a special time and place.




Banned In Boston


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At fourteen, under the pseudonym of Lily Ann Rose, Lillian followed her mother and three aunts into the world of Burlesque. She learned to twirl tassels like Sally Keith, envied Sally Rand’s famous feathers, and emulated Ann Corio, Boston’s most beloved stripper. Totie Fields introduced her with body beautiful jokes, and she worked with some of the most famous baggy pants comics of the day. She was befriended by mob bosses, champion boxers, politicians, including Jack Kennedy, and held captive by the Chicago Mafia.  She was loved by many and raped by a childhood friend. She paraded and stripped to the songs of boy tenors including Robert Goulet, was banned in Boston when she mistakenly bared her breasts on-stage under the watchful eyes of Boston’s Watch and Ward Society, and was imprisoned by an overzealous State Trooper – all before she turned eighteen.

Although the book reads like fiction, it is the true story of her years as a stripper and follows the careers of her mother and aunts in Vaudeville and Burlesque from the excitement of the “Roaring Twenties” through the “Great Depression.”


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